I had a wonderful dinner with some co-workers at Buona Travola this evening. The food was amazing. The beautiful evening accentuated the outdoor seating. Luckily, karmic balance was achieved when a bird pooped on me.

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I had a few minutes before choir rehearsal this evening to take some photos in the Mission Garden. Again, that wonderful golden hour light cut through the foilage in just the right way to highlight this single rose.

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Taking photos in a small, two-seater aircraft was quite the challenge, but it was a FUN challenge. 1st lesson: Use a smaller lens. My Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L was too big to maneuver around comfortably. I should’ve used my 40mm pancake lens. 2nd lesson: Don’t spend too much time in the view finder. You’ll get motion-sickness. This photo is one of the last photos I took. I ended up getting a little nauseous. Luckily, I didn’t vomit, though, thank goodness.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Morgan!

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I’m really loving this late in the day golden hour–especially when you get just enough light at just the right angle.

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I’m experimenting with minimalism. I guess this doesn’t really count as minimalistic. It’s more simplistic. Ah well.

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I was mesmerized by the fiddleneck wild flowers.

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