"With fifty years ahead of him, he thought, he could elevate tedium to the status of an art form. There would be no end to the things he wouldn’t do" ~Sourcery, Discworld Book 5

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There were a few spots on the freeway that had some compositional potential, but we were in a rush to get back home and I was pretty tired from the long drive already.

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I was trying to convince Gabe that complaining about the 109+ degree heat wasn’t going to cool anything down, but that didn’t stop him.

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We made a crazy trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas (which I will never do in a single day ever again). I took a bunch of your typical panoramas and landscapes, but in order to appreciate the immensity of this natural wonder, you have to have some point of reference. Those are people in the upper left.

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Somebody wasn’t in the mood for a smooch.

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Large, flat, empty expanses do a great job of making you feel tiny. The 109+ deg F weather is also a great reminder of how much we are at the mercy of our environment.

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